The Makings of a Successful Guitar Show.

A successful event of any type requires only one thing: the cooperation between the vendors displaying their items and wares at a show and the public attending the event. It is like a dance between partners and if we all do our part, you’ll have a pleasant and highly symbiotic weekend of excitement and fun. Ultimately, that’s what we’re all expecting and aiming for, so here are just a couple of quick points for all who are attending the Atlanta Guitar Show this June 8th and 9th.


For our vendors, bring your best gear and your “A” game. Atlanta has not had a guitar show in 13 years, so the excitement level is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long while, both among the dealers and people that say they will be attending. Make your booth extraordinary, noticeable and put your best foot forward- it is a reflection of you and your business and we certainly want to have the best presentation possible for the folks who will be coming through those doors on Saturday and Sunday. Simply put, we want this to be the best and most talked about guitar show in the Southeast for years to come and it will take us all pulling together as a team to make it happen.


For our attending public, we, as musical instrument dealers are elated that you will be taking time out of your lives to come see us. Many of our dealers travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles to set up and we want to do everything possible to insure they have a successful weekend. Your role in this play is to dig into that closet, look under that bed or sniff around in that basement to find any old guitars, basses, amplifiers or other instruments that you could bring to the show. The goal that weekend is to either buy, sell or trade and you’ll have a captive audience with money in hand. We cannot tell you how many times a new roof or rear deck was paid for simply by pulling out an old guitar from a closet and bringing it to a show. It’s the perfect scenario for everybody to win and that’s the goal here, period!


We also have some guys in the know that “dabble” with buying and selling instruments, but don’t do it for a living. In these cases, we urge you to save those purchases up and bring them to the show, hopefully by the trunk loads. I personally have a buddy in South Carolina that just bought his 14th guitar in expectation of wheeling them all into the show and his words, “gettin’ some bidness done.” That’s exactly the spirit we are talking about and it only lends to a great and profitable weekend for everybody.


In the end, we just want everyone attending to come in, have a ton of fun and hopefully see some old friends you haven’t seen in a while. It will be the perfect place for members of all those past great, local bands to get back together and catch up- hell, anybody can put up a post on social media, but you can’t give your old guitar player a big ‘ol hug unless you’re in the same room together. Trust us, it will definitely be a “family reunion” atmosphere at the show!  We’re excited that time is drawing near, so get your tickets early, mark those calendars and make plans to spend the weekend with us- if the good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we’ll do it again next year and again in the years after that!


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