“Play the Best Song in the World, Or I’ll Eat Your Soul.”


  If this wasn’t so true, it would most definitely have come from a dream. Yeah, I was just chillin’ with the boys, drinking beer and what-nottin’ when all of a sudden, this song came over my speakers into the here and now. Yeah, people- on this crisp, autumn night “The Best Song in the World” was indeed played, so let me introduce to you the gang:

  On the left is the “Great One”- the man that is known simply as “Rap God.”  His God-given name is Andrew Watson and he is our Reverb “Seller Engagement Manager.” Now, I can’t speak to that, but it should read “Straight- Up Gangsta” as his title. The guy on the right is none other than… Dan. I never got his last name- maybe he’s wanted by law enforcement ‘cuz he’s always a bit shifty and he has a propensity for shiny, large caliber weapons.  Maybe Dan is an artist, like Cher or Prince who feels no need to have a last name.  I can only ponder about that…

  Nevertheless, when this song came on, something came over the both of them and that led to magic. People, I was stunned, like Janay Rice was after being pimp-slapped by Ray in that elevator. I know- sure, we were drinking a few beers. I get it. Maybe, you think I don’t have the ability to discern talent because of said beers? No, this is nothing but a masterpiece and I know you will agree.

  In closing, I heard it said: “There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.”  The “goodness” came from the boys and when the recording light went on, their talent made for “simplicity” and that is nothin’ but “truth.”  We are but men… Rock! 

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