Mr. Izzy Miller- Owner, Founder, and Overseer of Izzy’s Vintage Guitars.


This guitar business doesn’t see very many new, young faces step “into the ring” and of the few who do, most don’t last. That said, there are those tenacious few who, out of sheer will and determination make a name for themselves in the industry and that’s where this fine gentleman comes in. Izzy Miller, “The Izz Man” or just plain “Izz-” the moniker hardly matters when it comes to the doors opening on dealer day at a guitar show and this fresh face is at the starting gate, ready to do some business. Yep, we definitely know it when Izzy’s in the room…

At only 25 years old, Izzy already has the tales and scars of a veteran and his knowledge of vintage guitars belies his age. He hit the touring trail with Hank Williams Jr. at the tender age of 18, while most of us were still chasing girls and figuring out how to get the heck out of high school. We’ve yet to be able to pin him down and get the real “backstage stories” of being on tour with Hank, but if discretion is his motto, then maybe some things are better left in the vault. Simply put, The Izz Man can keep it close to the vest when necessary and that’s always a good thing.

Izzy’s vintage instrument collection is filled with some unique and cool pieces and we’ve had the chance to see some of them during his travels on the yearly guitar show calendar. Whether it’s a 1969 Fender Maverick or a 1908 Gibson U Harp guitar, Izzy’s Vintage specializes in a little bit of everything and everything in between. Don’t believe us? Just ask him and he’ll tell you- there’s a  new kid on the block and his name is Miller. Izzy Miller and yes, The Izz Man cometh…





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