John Woods of The Last Chance Riders

Some days, you can be sitting in your office with the feeling that something is about to happen. You may not know exactly what that something is, but you just know it’s coming. Well today, that “something” was Mr. John Woods, guitarist for local sensations The Last Chance Riders walking through the door to check out a vintage 1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb.    I could tell within a couple of minutes that John was born with a bucketful of “cool.” We slid into a conversation about music and musical gear so easily, it was as if I’d know the man for years. He told me about his band, The Last Chance Riders and showed me their website. From top to bottom and start to finish, they are professional group and their website is top shelf. The music is great, as are the players and Ray and I are really looking forward to seeing the band at the Inman Park Festival on April 28th.   We’re proud to call John the newest member of the Elk Nation and wish to extend a hearty “Welcome” to him. Thanks again for everything, John and we look forward to catching up with you soon to see the band live and in action!

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