Historic Preservation Founder and Gibson Maestro Tom Murphy Appearing at the Atlanta Guitar Show!

After watching guitar relic and aging master Tom Murphy give a symposium at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, it was clear: we had to have him in Atlanta. Watching him explain how the genesis for the idea of relicing a guitar came to be was fascinating and although the story is already legendary, hearing it from the Man himself only solidified the background of the Historic program at Gibson. Tom laid out the details about his aging process and how a mere idea literally blossomed into a movement!

We are proud to announce that Tom will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday at the 2019 Atlanta Guitar Show on everything relic’d and the processes that go into creating one of his masterpieces. The story is enthralling and you will be hooked from the very beginning, so make plans to hear Mr. Murphy speak and get the real deal, hands down truth from the man who started it all!

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