Featured Vendor: Scott Robbins of G-Brats Guitars


This week’s featured vendor is none other than Mr. Scott Robbins, of G-Brats Guitars out of Midlothian, Tx. Scott and his wife (and secret weapon) Monique have become a potent team in the musical instrument industry and were recently featured as premier “Retail Innovators” at the 2019 NAMM show. You don’t build a $2 million dollar-a-year business without paying great attention to detail and going above and beyond what is required in the customer service department. It looks like Scott and Monique have aced that technique in spades and their extensive, worldwide client base proves it!

The first thing you will notice about the G-Brats inventory is that everything is in near-mint to mint condition. Their guitars are among the cleanest to be found anywhere and it’s obvious from first glance that appearance, combined with functionality are the standards to be met if an instrument wants to be included in the G-Brats stable. Cool, clean guitars and basses- that’s what you will see every time you peruse their website or stroll by their booth. Everybody loves the shiny stuff, right?

We are happy to welcome Scott and Monique to the 2019 Atlanta Guitar Show this June and will say now that when you walk into the room for the first time that weekend, the G-Brats booth will not be hard to find. It is, without a doubt the largest and most distinctive display to tour the guitar show circuit and to venture inside their booth is to enter a world filled with fine guitars and even finer customer service. Oh, and if you happen to pass a Ford 350 Super Duty Dually in the parking lot that a medium-size adult can walk under, that would be Scott’s. We’re still trying to figure out a name for it, but the award for the “Holy Crap, Scott. How Much Did That Thing Cost?” definitely goes to the Robbins crew. Good thing a 5-foot step ladder pops out of the side when you crank it up so us regular-sized folks can hitch a ride…

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