Featured Vendor: Randy Pepper of The Guitar Attic!


Guy plays guitar- well. Loves it so much, he opens a store and soon finds himself doing it for a living. Still keeps playing guitar and rockin’ out in bands. Store keeps going and flourishes. Guy is busy, but still keeps playing guitar. Guy now travels to guitar shows and puts in the work to be a successful guitar dealer. Everything is good and he has the support of his family. Guy still plays guitar and living the life. Through good times and bad, guy sticks it out and becomes a stalwart in his industry. Everybody loves him and yet, he still continues to play guitar.

People from all walks of life travel from lands afar to see him play and witness, you got it- “The Man with the Mane of Two Lions.” Guy amazes the masses with cool guitar licks and is soon spoken about in hushed whispers throughout the world as word spreads of his prowess. Guy just stays cool, lays back and continues to play his guitar.

Soon, women begin to name their sons after him and the leaders of foreign countries officially insert his name into their languages. A mountain is renamed in his honor and the yearly motorcycle gathering in Daytona is newly-christened, “Two-Lion Bike-o-Rama.” Statues are erected and history books rewritten- all in honor of a guy that loved his craft so much, he would not and could not stop playing guitar. That’s the stuff of legend, indeed…

The amazing Randy Pepper is an artist after our own hearts and we’re honored to say that he will be in attendance at the 2019 Atlanta Guitar Show, this June 8th and 9th. If you would like to meet him in person, just get yourself a ticket and come on in. We expect the lines to his booth to be very long, so your patience is greatly appreciated. He will be signing autographs, taking pictures and blessing babies. Whichever works for you, works for us, so never mind having a Coke and a smile when you can get your Dr. Pepper on!!!



3 thoughts on “Featured Vendor: Randy Pepper of The Guitar Attic!”

  1. I have known Randy since the 80’s..very smart on Guitars and Guitar Amps…plus a very good guitarist..I have bought guitars and amps from Randy and they are all Great !! No complaints at all a good guy in this Biz !! Glad he is around !!
    Marko Man

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