Featured Vendor: Mark and Patty Brenner of Brenner Guitar Products

The “official biography…”

Mark and Patty Brenner, after years of playing on the music scene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin started Brenner Guitar products in 2015 with their son, Tyler. Mark’s passion for modifying his guitars led to the development of his Piezo-1-1 Hi-Fi acoustic guitar saddles and Piezo-Pro preamp, among other items. The idea behind these innovations was to allow their installation without devaluing or altering the instrument they were being applied to. Simply put,  these developments in guitar sound production are revolutionary and Patty’s “new blue guitar with no pickups” simply has to be seen to be believed. These two innovators will be featured vendors at our Atlanta Guitar Show, so look (and listen) for their playing, booth and killer display.

The “unofficial biography…”

Mark was sitting in his kitchen, busily working on the final touches to what appeared to be a costume. His wife, Patty walked into the room and seeing this somewhat suspicious activity on her kitchen table asked, “What cha doing there, honey buns?” Mark replied, “I’m gonna make a new polar magnetic propulsion bridge for my guitar and me and my boy, Noddy are going to do a commercial as Batman and Robin. It’s gonna be killer.” Now Patty, having played in bands with Mark for many years and being a major contributor to the idea of the polar magnetic propulsion bridge didn’t exactly take too kindly to the idea of being left out of this new advertising push. In fact, you could say she was a bit miffed at the exclusion and it was at that moment an idea popped into her head.

Mark and Noddy were in the workroom of Brenner Guitar Products, trying their very best to squeeze into their costumes. Mark’s Batman mask was too small and the nose cover was sticking out of his forehead, like a black chicken’s beak. He was walking around in circles, bumping into the milling machines because he couldn’t see a darn thing. Noddy was doing his best to get into his Robin’s outfit, but the green tights were too large and they came up to his chest. Both men were in a great struggle and the idea of the B.G.P commercial was quickly fading into the abyss.

All of the sudden, the door to the workshop opened and the two men froze at the quiet “Ahem” they heard. There stood Patty in a glittering, skintight black Catwoman outfit that put Julie Newmar to shame on her best day.  Mark stood there with his mask pulled up half over his head and Noddy with his tights up almost to his neck. Neither man said a word. “Boys,” Patty said. “There ain’t gonna be no Batman and Robin thing going on around here. Mark, for Pete’s sake, loosen up that mask and pull it down straight. Noddy, I don’t care what you do, but do it somewhere else in those oversized green pantaloons you’re wearing. This is a Batman and Catwoman operation- always has been and always will be. Now let’s move it before I go get my whip.

Mark, seeing his beautiful bride in that skintight outfit got his costume straightened out in a hurry and Noddy? Nobody really knows what happened to him. He simply disappeared that day and hasn’t been seen since. The film crew arrived and Mark and Patty shot the commercial of their lives, propelling them to fame and fortune. In fact, their polar magnetic propulsion piezo bridge was adopted by NASA and used specifically to listen to alien transmissions in the Carina Nebula. Such were the humble beginnings of Brenner Guitar Products.

It must be noted that, after the film crew had left the workshop that day, Mark and Patty stood there, alone and with hands on hips. Mark said, “Girl, we sure do make a great team. I think we are going to go far, you and I,” and it was at that moment when their son, Tyler walked through the door.  “Mom? Dad? What’s going on here?”  he said. Patty, with a sly grin winked at Mark and walked over to the Robin costume laying on the workbench. Picking it up, she looked at Tyler and said, “Here, son. Put this on….”


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