Featured Vendor: John Schuske of “The Amp Shop.”

This week, we would like to feature Mr. John Schuske, owner and operator of The Amp Shop in Asheville, NC. John is known for his custom amp builds and modifications, which carry a sterling reputation as being among the best in the industry. He offers several models from which to choose and the quality of his work is on full display from first sight.

John tells us he began building amps at the age of 10 or 11 and that can mean only one thing: this gentleman is experienced in the art of amp building. He chooses only the finest parts and components for his amps and each piece is hand-built, with point-to-point wiring and extreme attention to detail in the construction of each amplifier. They also carry a lifetime guarantee- a rarity these days and we believe when John says “lifetime,” he means it. He can also convert or modify your Fender or Marshall amp to make it sound the way you really want, so if your old head or combo sounds a little tired from years of use, call John and get some real horsepower put under the hood!

We welcome all independent artisans of musical instruments and John’s work will be on display at the 2019 GrinningElk Atlanta Guitar Show, this June 8th and 9th. Be sure to come down, visit and see John and his amps for yourselves. You can also hear what several models sound like at www.theampshop.com. See you at the show!

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