Featured Vendor: John Dannert of Big Hair Nation!


   If I were the President, I would enact a law that would require all 350 million of us (give or take) to watch Cinderella’s “Pat’s Dogs” commercial every day.  And why not?  Look- we are walking around in a PC, nomophobic haze, like drones for the mainstream media. This isn’t rocket science people, nor is it neuromarketing. 

  This is nothing but straight family entertainment, if’n you like “Spinal Tap.” Why do I bring this up? Well, let me introduce to the maybe three people on planet earth that don’t know him, Mr. John Dannert.  John owns “Big Hair Nation.” Yep, you guessed it people, he only does Metal guitars from that glorious period in the 80’s and 90’s.

  Just chillin’ we were when John rolls up on us and says, “Yeah man, scored this killer Iceman with loads of history. Of course, he explains in a way a man like John does it.  He said, “Look-it, this guitar was in a video with the then fledgling band Cinderella. Apparently, Cinderella wanted more luxury than life was offering them at the time and they really wanted exposure on MTV. They (Cinderella) wanted their MTV and of course, had a need to be featured there so they sent their basement tape to the producers, but heard only crickets. Not one to give in easily, Tom struck a deal with a local Philadelphia hot dog stand owner and the “Tomfoolery” (pardon the pun) began. 

  People, this guitar has the coolest history and John always brings nothing but his “A” game. From “before they were famous” Icemans to fire-breathing Jackson King V’s, John certainly has created a niche that was sorely missed. Folks, if you’re into pointy Metal guitars with flair, then look no further for your Heavy Metal needs than “Big Hair Nation.” Trusted and endorsed by legions of fans and the ‘Elk. 

  In closing fellow Metalheads, check out this video of John’s and Cinderella’s lost guitar. Hey Tom. Do ya think you can mix me up a Pat’s Dogs “Chicago style?” And you John?

Pat’s Dogs!
The cook is never tired!
Pat’s Dogs!
The Steam is always fired!
Two locations rockin’ all night!!


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