Featured Vendor: Eliot Michael and Rumble Seat Music

There can only be that few number of musicians that were in the spotlight of Rock music in the early 70’s, when music was more about plugging a guitar into an amp than it was about corporate sponsorship. The guys on the scene then had but one job: lay down that live music for the people and throw everything else into the winds. Music was pure then and it was in this spirit that the 70’s led to the birth of the greatest periods of Rock ever to be known.

Musical legacies are carried on in different ways. In the case of Mr. Eliot Michael, he has surrounded himself with with the music, players and instruments that got him to where he is today.  As the owner of Rumble Seat Music in Nashville, Tn, he’s one of the mighty few left on the scene that swung a Les Paul down around his knees in those great 70’s at such hallowed places like Max’s Kansas City, The 82 Club, CBGB’s and The Pyramid Club. These were the places where Rock music’s balls “dropped” and the attitude of those bands and especially the guitars players roared out into the faces of the people watching them play. It would not be long after that the effects of England’s Punk scene bled over into New York, where the musical frenzy only intensified. These were the glorious and early days of Mr. Michael.

Decades later, Eliot is as active as in those early days. He is a sought after recording artist and still tours and makes guest appearances, both live and in studio Lest we not forget, he also finds the time to oversee and run Rumble Seat Music, one of the world’s most renowned vintage guitar establishments. His store offers up a gathering of vintage instruments worthy of even the most discerning collection and if you’re in the mood to pick on a 1954 Stratocaster, there’s usually at least one on the wall and there’s probably a good chance that it was owned by someone famous. Got the urge to try some leads on a 1959 Les Paul? There are several in his store and all you need do is ask. The term “kid in a candy store” does apply here…

In closing, it looks like the old saying is true: Rock stars don’t die, they just open up guitar stores and tell their friends they have a day job. Whatever you do, don’t walk up to Eliot and say, “Hey man. You got any old blankets laying around?” Your wallet will not thank you for the question…


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