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Yes people, how many of us have them? I’m talking about friends now.

How many people do you have in your life that will comfort you when you just lost a loved one or be there for you when the rains come down? This reminds me of that song by “Whodini,”  back in 1984  and the thought process of this write up. Ray, drop the needle down- how did it go?
“And if you ask me, you know, I couldn’t be much help.
Because a friend is somebody you judge for yourself.
Some are OK, and they treat you real cool,
But some mistake kindness for bein’ a fool.”
Yeah, that’s it, “Kindness for being a fool.”  People, the older I get the less tolerance I have for it and the less I open myself up to the possibility. Why? Well, I suppose because I just don’t want to expose myself. That brings me to something I read about one time:
“Love means exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt by someone.”
You see, the older we become ,we get into our cocoons and what we find is, less and less friends enter into our lives. Once again, it’s because of the exposure. That brings me to Adric. Adric came into Ray’s and my life blowing in from the Westerly winds. We didn’t know him nor did he know us. But people, I can tell you like your mama always said, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Not saying he’s off-putting, but once again, we go back to the exposure card.  From the moment we met him, he was as gracious and considerate as one could hope for. Many times, he’s helped in our cause and many times he has opened up his home and family to us. Always willing to lend a hand to a good cause.
You see people, for some of us, greatness just follows us in spite of ourselves. You know, I could go on about Adric and Storybook Guitars and on how he sells to some of the most famous people in the world. I guess I could tell you that he sells some of the most vaunted guitars in our industry, but why? It isn’t the measure of a man, a lesson I’ve learned over the years- fools gold and how it shimmers. The Chinese have a proverb and if my mind doesn’t fail me, I’ll try and recall it:
“As distance tests a horse’s strength, so does time reveal a person’s real character.”
As far as I am concerned, Adric plays the biggest stages the world has to offer because of his humility and love for his fellow man, regardless if the pain is what only God could endure.
This man has “Strength of Character,”  and I, myself value such. Strength indeed comes from conflict and the understanding of forgiveness.  In closing, if you’re looking for a guitar, then he has them, but if you’re looking for something more valuable than gold, he has that too…
Ray, drop that needle back down..
“Friends is a word we use everyday.
Sometimes we use it in the wrong way.
Now you can look the meaning up, again and again.
But, the dictionary doesn’t know the meaning of friends.”

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