Door Prize Giveaways at the 2019 Atlanta Guitar Show- You Must Be Present to Win!


This year at the Atlanta Guitar Show, we will have drawings for three major door prizes over the course of Saturday and Sunday. All patrons will receive a numbered ticket at show entry and you must present it if your number is called and you wish to claim your prize. There will be two drawings on Saturday and one on Sunday.

In no particular order, the prizes to be given away are:


  1. A Signature Joe Perry Classic Rock Monster Blaster. This Bluetooth behemoth sounds incredible and is a limited edition piece. A top plate, hand-signed by Joe will also be included. This prize was generously donated by the fine folks at Monster and you can find all the details and info at:

2. A new, 2019 Martin LX-1 acoustic guitar. This is a fantastic starter guitar with a big voice and is being provided by the fine folks at the C.F. Martin Guitar Co. For more information and specs, please visit:

3. A new, 2019 Gibson SG Standard Tribute SG in satin red. This is a quality and solid Gibson guitar with all the features you could want in an SG. This particular prize was generously donated by our good friends at Guitar Center. For more information and specs, please visit:


4. We will also have multiple mini-drawings for boxes of Ernie Ball guitar Strings throughout both days, provided by the cool cats at Ernie Ball. There will be different types of strings given away, so make sure to be there if your number is called! There’s always something for every type of player!





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