Chuck Riley of Riley’s 66. Premier Zippo Lighter Designs!

After spending nearly 30 years in the vintage guitar industry, our man, Mr. Chuck Riley decided that it was time for something new. So, he called up the guys at NASA and asked if they needed any help quantifying the departure and landing calculations for the Mars rover. They, of course said, “Heck yeah we do,” and Chuck was off to his new digs.

After arriving at the secret underground space facilities, which were inconspicuously located under an ice fishing shed in northern Canada, it was soon apparent that the new job was intense, stress-laden and cold as hell. Well, Chuck, having spent a good long while in Ithaca, NY thought that maybe it was time to do something a little on the “lighter” side of life so he and his lovely wife, Stephanie “fired up” what was to become a stalwart in the vintage and collector lighter industry, Riley’s 66.

Chuck and his team design some of the most interesting lighters to be found on the market and it’s obvious from first glance that their focus is on mid-century designs. Everybody loves the old, vintage stuff, whether it’s guitars or lighters so we’d like you all to keep your eyes peeled for Riley’s 66 booth at the entrance to the main showroom. Custom designs from a retro inspiration- that’s our man Chuck and we’re excited to have him at the 2019 Atlanta Guitar Show. See you all there and our humble thanks again to Chuck and Stephanie for their participation and sponsorship!

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