Appearing Saturday and Sunday- Mr. Willie G. Moseley, Senior Writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the appearance of Mr. Willie G. Moseley, senior writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine at this year’s Atlanta Guitar Show. Mr. Moseley will be signing his latest and 13th book, “The Atlanta Rhythm Section: The Authorized History.” His book is the chronicle of the formation and history of one of Southern Rock’s most formative and influential bands. Through international tours, huge outdoor concerts and personnel changes, the band forged on, staying true to both their music and roots.

We urge the attendees of this years show to stop by, get a signed copy of the book and have a chat with one of the vintage guitar industry’s most storied and revered historians. The man’s been around this game for a good while and there’s a lot of wisdom to be had in a simple conversation. Mr. Moseley will be featured in the show’s co-sponsor, Vintage Guitar Magazine’s booth.

This will be the premier signing for the Atlanta Rhythm Section book in the Atlanta area.

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