Appearing Saturday and Sunday at the Atlanta Guitar Show- Larry Mitchell and Eric Steckel!


The Atlanta Guitar Show is extremely pleased to announce that guitarists Larry Mitchell and Eric Steckel will be appearing on Saturday and Sunday in the G-Brats booth. Both of these gentlemen are masters of their instruments and add incredible tone, talent, and taste to the room. We had the pleasure of seeing them tear it up at the Dallas International Guitar Show and when I say people stopped in their tracks, I count myself as one of those that did!

Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, and performer who commands your attention from the moment you first lay ears on him. A striking figure, he looks directly into your eyes as his hands glide across his guitar and before you know it, you’re pulled into another world of tonal ecstasy. You will literally find yourself spellbound as he weaves sounds and tones in and out of each other, forming vast murals of aural delight. Larry will be performing in the G- Brats booth on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to stop and catch him in action.

When we saw Eric Steckel play in Dallas, I was instantly reminded that this guy is the “Wolverine” of professional guitar players. This man has a style and attitude that tears down the walls, whether it’s the Blues or straight out Rock. Eric recorded his debut record at just 11 years old and at age 12, he became the youngest player ever to share the stage with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Road-tested and seasoned from 20+ years on stage and in the studio, Eric delivers his signature blend of Bluesmetal worldwide to appreciative guitar lovers in 25 countries and counting.

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