Announcing the Performance Times for Michael Angelo Batio and Bruce Kulick!

We would like to announce the performance times for Michael Angelo Batio and Bruce Kulick at the Atlanta Guitar Show this June 8th and 9th. They are as follows:

Michael Angelo Batio Performance: 12:00- 12:30
Meet and Greet- 12:45- 1:15

Bruce Kulick Performance: 1:45- 2:45
Meet and Greet- 3:00- 3:45

Michael Angelo Batio 2nd Performance: 4:15- 4:45
Meet and Greet- 5:00- 6:00

Bruce Kulick Performance: 12:15- 1:15
Meet and Greet- 1:30- 2:15

Michael Angelo Batio Performance: 2:45- 3:15
Meet and Greet- 3:15- 4:00

We are very excited to have these two Titans of the Guitar World appearing at our inaugural show, so let’s all support their appearances and we’ll be looking to see YOU on June 8th and 9th at the Infinite Energy Forum!

Lee and Ray


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